04 October 2016

Book haul

I'm back with a new post and it's a book haul. I finished my little rereading the whole In Death series project, it was fantastic and now I'm ready to read some new books. Of course I bought some new books in the last weeks, not too many, but some really beautiful and interesting ones. 


Get Inked, Inked armor + Clipped wings - Helena Hunting
The romances by Helena Hunting have the power to make me laugh out loud, they are pure entertainment, so it's no wonder that I bought more of them. 

Audio book

Roman Crazy - Alice Clayton + Nina Bocci
This first book in a new romance series sounds charming and funny, this could be a perfect combination for me. 

print books

A promise of fire - Amanda Bouchet
Everyone seems to love this paranormal story, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will feel the same. 

Rookie Move - Sarina Bowen
This book is the first in the new sports romance series by Sarina Bowen, I love some of her other books, so of course I had to get it. I'm not sure how well the more serious topics in the book will work for me, hopefully I will love the story beginning to end. 

Heidi (Puffin in Bloom version) - Johanna Spyri
I love the Puffin in Bloom series, I grew up with the story of "Heidi" and it's nice to have the story back in my life. 

Born in Ice + Jewels of the sun (Berkley editions) - Nora Roberts
I love the Berkley editions with the rough-cut pages and want to get all of my favourite series by Nora Roberts in this style, that's why I bought these two books.

Cream of the crop - Alice Clayton
I liked the first book in this series, but it wasn't perfect for me. I missed the humour Alice Clayton is usually known for and didn't like the hero that much. But still I want to give this second book in the series a try. I heard mixed things about the book and after the first 50 pages I have to say that I'm struggling with the book because I'm struggling with the heroine. Let's see how things will develop. 

The war that saved my life - Bradley
A book set during World War two, second chances and family seem to play an important role. This book is not what I'm typically reading, but hopefully it will still work for me. 

This preorder was a must for me, I enjoyed the first book in this series a lot and of course want to go on with it. 

Happy Reading!




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