06 September 2016

Undecided - Julianna Keyes

new adult romance
first book in the Burnham College series
Nora had a wild last year at college
so wild that she got into big trouble
this year she wants to focus on her studies
not on partying
but things get tough when Crosbie Lucas constantly crosses her path
she shouldn't want him
but something about him fascinates her
the more time they spend together
the harder it gets to say no
let me say one thing first: 
there is no love triangle in this book
even though the book title and the old cover (on the right) seem to implicate it
it's pretty much one woman and one man
with another man from the past complicating things
but it's definitely no love triangle 
and thank goodness for that
from the get go I a had great time with the story
the author's writing style made it easy to get into a good reading flow
to believe in the characters
and their emotions
I enjoyed the romance
and the friendships
plus the character development
all in all a great book that made me excited for more by the author
I already bought "Time served" by her (#1 in an adult romance series)
and I'm excited to read it.

the cover on the left is the new one
one of the legs looks weird
the cover on the right is the old one
the one that screams love triangle. 


  1. oh I have been hearing some good things about this one. I do love great character development. Good to know its not a true love triangle.

    1. That info is definitely one readers should have about the book.

      Happy Reading!




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