14 September 2016

(Re)reading right now: In Death books by JD Robb / Nora Roberts

Whom to blame for the lack of posts on About Happy Books lately? Definitely the In Death books and its author JD Robb (aka Nora Roberts). Because ever since I read "Apprentice in Death" I have been rereading the series. At first I only planned to reread the first book in the series, but right now I'm already rereading "Creation in Death", so it didn't stop with "Naked in Death". 

It's great to reconnect with all of the characters, to see how Eve and Roarke's relationship developed over time, how new characters like Peabody and Trueheart were introduced into the series, how Eve has become a happier person and so much more. 

Yes, I absolutely adore this series and everything about it, so rereading the books is so much fun. The one book I don't plan to reread is "Kindred in Death", because the case in the book is too much for me, but I plan to reread all of the other books. 

Yesterday evening I finished "Innocent in Death" and now I wonder what happened with Allika and Oliver Straffo. Did they manage to find happiness after the case? Start anew? Maybe adopt a child and give him/her a good home? I hope that sometimes in the future I will get the answer to this question in one of the "In Death" books, I definitely hope that they manage to become happy again. 

Rereading the In Death books feels like coming home, there are so many books in the series and still I remember so much from my past reading experiences. The books, stories and especially characters are part of my life, I love it when authors manage to create something so special. 

In the next days I will go on with rereading the series, I plan to read some new books as well, but can't promise anything. For now the In Death world rules over all other stories. 

Do you reread books? Which books are your favourites in the In Death series?


  1. first off...I love re reading. it can be so fun to reconnect with your favorite characters. I do need to read this series soon though.

    1. Reconnecting with favourite characters is one of the best things ever. I never get tired of it.

      Happy Reading!




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