04 September 2016

Recently read ebooks I didn't love (mostly romances)

Welcome to another round-up post on some of the ebooks I recently read. Some of the books were entertaining, but didn't leave a lasting impression on me, others didn't work for me at all. So I decided to do one big wrap-up post with mini-reviews. Because I honestly have not much to say about most books.

Making faces - Amy Harmon

This was a book I was super excited about, because the plot sounded pretty special. But from the get go I had issues with the writing style. It was at times kind of stiff, I never managed to get into a good reading flow, plus the plot was not always that believable. And I never saw the characters as real people. In the end I was a bit disappointed in the book.

Driven - K. Bromberg

I had issues with the story and characters from the the first chapter on, I especially didn't like the male main character that much. The story itself wasn't bad, but I just wasn't interested in what was going on, so I decided to not finish this book.

Finding London - Ellie Wade

This would have been good as a stand-alone romance, but it didn't work for me as the first book in a trilogy. The plot of the second book doesn't appeal to me at all, everything positive that was created in this book is destroyed, main characters seem to change their behaviour completely and there's drama over drama, no thanks.

No pants required - Kim Karr

I never managed to connect to the story or the characters, there is nothing horrible or bad about the book, but something just wasn't working for me.

Show me how - Molly McAdams

This was an ok book that didn't make me feel a lot, plus I never warmed up to the hero. This is the second book by the author I had these issues with, so I think her stories are just not for me.

To love Jason Thorn - Ella Maise

I didn't like the male main character, not in the beginning, not in the middle and not at the end. That's why I struggled with the story and especially the romance.

Playmaker - Katie McCoy

I didn't finish the book, the story wasn't bad, but I wasn't interested in both main characters, so I decided to stop reading the book. 

Unfixable - Tessa Bailey

This story was entertaining and nice. I thought that the characters were interesting and likable. They had flaws and I liked that about them. The story worked for me without knowing the companion book. But I have to say that this romance didn't leave a lasting impression on me, still out of all the books in this post it was my favourite. And I might read more by the author in the future. 

London belongs to us - Sarra Manning

This was a mostly cute and fast-paced YA book, however my emotions weren't involved while reading the story and Sarra Manning didn't manage to make London become alive in front of my eyes. 

Bossman - Vi Keeland

I read this book last week and already forgot most of the details. I enjoyed the book while it lasted, but for me it was way too easy to forget.

What you need - Lorelei James

Another mostly nice and entertaining book, that I enjoyed while it lasted, but that I no longer thought about as soon as I finished the last page. I'm not drawn to the other books in the series. 

My perfect mistake - Kelly Siskind

This was a nice story, the first in a trilogy about three friends. I enjoyed the book while I read it, but once again the story was easy to forget once I finished it.

Happy Reading!

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