26 August 2016

Three romances: Tapping the billionaire, Out of bounds + The catching kind

And let's move on to three more romances I recently read on my smartphone. 

Tapping the billionaire - Max Monroe

This is a hot and entertaining contemporary romance, unfortunately I couldn't feel the attraction or chemistry between the couple, I couldn't believe in their love. I thought that both main characters were interesting and likable on their own, but as a couple they didn't work for me.

Out of bounds - R.S. Grey

Two new adult books by R.S. Grey belong to my favourites, "With this heart" + "Scoring Wilder", however her last romance, "Settling the score" and the two books before (I didn't read "Chasing Spring"), didn't work for me. I no longer felt the kind of connection to the characters I want to feel and struggled with the overall vibe of the books. I still decided to give her newest NA book a chance, it's the second book by Grey set at the Olympics in Rio and once again I struggled with it.

I wasn't that interested in both main characters and their romance. Most of the characters were a bit flat, at least that's how they appeared to me. I also had a hard time believing in some things (why hadn't our heroine already some sponsorships? When you look at gymnasts that already won things like the World Championships, they all seem to have a few sponsorships, even before winning an Olympic medal). And once again the vibe at the Olympics just seemed a bit off to me. Right now I'm not sure if I will read more by the author, I think I might give her one more chance.

The Catching Kind - Bria Quinlan / Caitie Quinn

I have mixed feelings about this romance. I enjoyed the middle part of the story, however struggled with the beginning and the end. At the beginning our hero acts like an ass, this made it hard for me to enjoy reading about him and the romance. And at the end the plot developed in a direction that was ok, but didn't excite me. 

This book is the third in the Brew Ha Ha series, the other books sound nice, but don't appeal to me that much. So I don't think that I will read them. 

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