18 August 2016

The rest of us just live here - Patrick Ness

young adult
a mix of contemporary and fantasy
that includes a world in which gods live
and some special teens
but this book is not about them
it's about the normal ones
the ones who struggle with mundane things
who have to deal with
complicated family dynamics
with mental issues
and other things
I loved the sound of the story
and the design of the hardcover edition is beautiful
I was excited to finally read a book by Patrick Ness
but unfortunately I have to say that I was a bit disappointed by the story
the plot turned out to be different from what I expected
I didn't feel anything while reading the story
I wasn't interested in the main characters
and their issues
all in all my experience with the book wasn't the best
this was my first book by Patrick Ness
and it might be my last. 

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