17 August 2016

Miss Charity - Marie-Aude Murail

Miss Charity (original French title, I read the German translation)
a story inspired by the life of Beatrix Potter
there is unfortunately no English translation available
this is a special book
full of characters that left a lasting impression on me
that entertained me
I didn't rush through the story
I savoured every moment
at first I needed a few pages to get used to the author's way of creating a story
because the developments are at times a bit weird
but then I was fascinated by what was going on
it's a story about the life of one woman
we meet her as a child
and then follow her life until she is a grown woman
Charity Tiddler
who goes her own way
in a time where making a good much was everything
like I said before
I really enjoyed this book
especially the first two thirds
towards the end a bit of the charm was lost
still I overall enjoyed this special story.


  1. I've not heard of this book in any language so its nice to read a review of this unusual story.

    1. It's sad that the book is only available in French and German, I think many readers worldwide would enjoy the story.

      Happy Reading!




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