12 August 2016

Midnight at Tiffany's - Sarah Morgan

contemporary romance
this novella can be bought
it's also added as a bonus to Morgan's book "Sleepless in Manhattan" (US edition)
that's how I got it
two people who meet when they both leave a party
two people who pretend to be someone else
two people who don't seem to have that much in common
but who still fit together perfectly
what will happen after the magic of the first night is over?
will reality destroy the dream
or will they manage to make it work?
this short, intense, funny and sexy novella was just perfect for me
you definitely need to be able to believe in love that develops quickly
not exactly love at first sight
but something in this direction
I could believe in it
and had to smile constantly while reading this short story
it's a great prequel to the "From Manhattan with love" series
and overall a novella I enjoyed a lot. 

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