02 August 2016

Illuminae - Amie Kaufman + Jay Kristoff

young adult science fiction
#1 in the Illuminae Files
this book is something else
the authors dared to create a book 
that consists of all kinds of texts, images and more
this book is unlike everything I had in my hands before
it's a book I would try to get as a hardcover
because then you get the best of the book design
the story is about a planet that's attacked
this happens just at the beginning
the survivors of the planet are trying to get to a safe place
but the bad guys, not aliens like I thought before reading the book,
are right behind them
and then there is this deadly virus on one of the ships
and a artificial intelligence that might go crazy
and two teens who broke up on the morning of the attack
and who might be very important for the survival of everyone
the book takes you on a fast-paced adventure
I loved the first half of the story
even though it was at times hard to connect with the characters
because of the different formats the story is told in
the last 50-100 pages weren't perfect for me
the more the AI took over
the less interested I was in the story
in the end this was still a good book for me
not the best
but it entertained and fascinated me
it's a book I might reread in a few months
because I'm sure that there is still so much going on
that I didn't see when reading it for the first time
is Illuminae worth the hype?
yes and no
I plan to read book #2
because I just need to find out what happens next
and I love the sound of the plot
I'm sure it will be another crazy story. 

Book #2, Gemina, will be out October 2016
check out the authors: Amie Kaufman + Jay Kristoff

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