30 August 2016

Hope and Red - Jon Skovron

Hope and Red
the first book in the Empire of Storms trilogy
in the last months I struggled with fantasy books
but this one sounded good
descriptions like
"One seeks power. The other vengeance.
Together they will take down an empire."
appeal to me
so I was hopeful
but shortly after starting with the book
I realized that once again I couldn't believe in the fantasy world
the author had created
I couldn't imagine it
some of the language and words used seemed odd
in the context of the world
the dark magic was just a bit too weird
and let's not talk about the worms
the story is dramatic
my heart should have been broken at the beginning
but I didn't feel a lot
and I wasn't that interested in the characters
so yes
unfortunately this is another fantasy that didn't work for me
but it might be a good book for fans of the genre. 

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