26 August 2016

Four Romances: The tao of hockey, Win big, Royal + Tag Chaser

Over the last four weeks I bought around 12 ebooks to read on my smartphone, now it's finally time to read and review them. Let's start with four stories, all books are contemporary romances and unfortunately none worked for me perfectly.

The Tao of hockey - Melanie Ting

This sports romance was entertaining, light-hearted and sexy, but it wasn't that memorable. The story was nice as long as it lasted, but afterwards I didn't continue to think about it. I'm not sure if I will be going on with the series. 

Win big - Bella Love-Wins

This new adult sports romance sounded like it could be entertaining and sexy, however it didn't work for me. The first time I "met" the male main character I strongly disliked him, the second scene with him was even worse. He thought that women not interested in him had to be lesbians and called them "dyke" in his mind. He acted like one big asshole and that's not the type of hero I want to read about in romances. That's why I did not finish this book and don't plan to read more by the author. 

Royal - Winter Renshaw

The author's writing style made it easy to get into a good reading flow, however the plot was just too unrealistic and over the top, plus I wasn't a big fan of any of the characters. In the end this was an ok book. 

Tag Chaser - Kandi Steiner

Another story that sounded like it could be an entertaining read, however only a few pages after I started the book I realized that both the plot and the characters wouldn't work for me. I strongly disliked the idea of being a "tag chaser". I decided to not finish the book. 

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