31 August 2016

First star I see tonight - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Chicago Stars Book #8
contemporary romance
I listened to the audio book version
the first 60min or so were pretty good
I liked the plot with the little crazy elements
and the heroine
at that point I thought that it would be a great book
but then things started to change
too many subplots that didn't add anything substantial to the story
that only seemed to be there to make the main characters look good
the suspense elements that are part of the story 
surprised me
unfortunately they didn't work for me
the heroine started to get on my nerves
the way she would judge every good looking woman
was pretty annoying
at the beginning she was portrayed as a strong and intelligent woman
in the second half I wondered where these two traits had disappeared to
and I struggled more and more with the hero
I didn't enjoy hearing his thoughts
they weren't interesting or sexy (even when he was supposed to be sexy)
he was a flat, mostly arrogant character
who didn't get the concept of "No"
and the ending didn't work for me at all
at least meeting some characters from former Chicago Stars book was nice
but not enough to make me forget the rest
some of SEPs books will always belong to my favourites
so I expect a lot from a book by Phillips
and that's why I look closely at little details
SEP is unfortunately no longer writing romances I enjoy
and hasn't been ever since "What I did for love" was published
now she is writing romances that annoy and frustrate me
it's time for me to stop reading her books
at least I will always have my old favourites
I know that many other readers have enjoyed "First star I see tonight"
so my opinion is not the standard
keep that in mind when thinking about getting the book.

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