29 August 2016

Audio books I'm listening to right now

Right now I'm listening to three ebooks, I'm not sure how it happened, I planned to only listen to one, but sometimes that's how it goes. In this post I want to share my first impressions on the three audio books with you. 

My Lady Jane - Hand + Ashton + Meadows

The three authors took a part of English history and changed things to create a hilarious story. The narrator is brilliant, however the humour seems at times forced and over the top, a little less would have been better. I'm still sure that overall I will have a good time with this audiobook and will laugh a lot.

Ivory and Bone - Julie Eshbaugh

This prehistoric fantasy with a touch of "Pride & Prejudice" sounded very special and fascinating to me. I like the narrator, but the setting and characters are so far not perfect for me. I can't see the prehistoric world clearly and in detail. I hope that this will change over time. 

First star I see tonight - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I love SEPs books "Match me if you can" and "Natural Born Charmer", but didn't enjoy the books that came after them. Now I'm hoping to find some of the humour and charm of the older books in SEPs newest novel. So far (45min into the story) I like the story plus the heroine and see a lot of potential for a great story. 

Happy listening. :)

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