06 August 2016

Animal Attraction + Rescue my heart - Jill Shalvis

Animal Attraction + Rescue my heart
contemporary romances
#2 and #3 in the Animal Magnetism series
some months ago I read the first book in the series
it was overall a nice romance
but something was missing to fascinate me
since then I read four other books by Shalvis
and enjoyed three of them a lot
so I decided to give this series a second chance
but after reading these two books
I'm once again not that excited about them
the romances were nice
the characters as well
however the plots were pretty flat and boring
of course I loved reading about all of the animals
but that wasn't enough
I will read more books by Jill Shalvis
but none that are part of this series. 


  1. Her best is the last trilogy about a ski mountain. My favorite so far.

    1. I also enjoy this trilogy a lot, the last book wasn't perfect for me, but I loved the first two. I hope that there will be at least one more book in the series.

      Happy Reading!




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