24 August 2016

A room with a view - E.M. Forster

fiction + romance
set around 1900
I had this book on my wishlist for quiet some time
a book that counts as a classic and is supposed to be a wonderful romance
of course I wanted to read it
I expected the kind of writing style you need some time to get used to
but in the end I expected to love this book
unfortunately that didn't happen
I got used to the writing style
but I never fell in love with it
the main characters annoyed me
especially Lucy, the heroine
at times she seemed quiet stupid
I didn't enjoy reading about the romance
I didn't feel anything besides frustration
the behaviour of some characters bordered on hysterical at times
I couldn't deal with this
so in the end I was disappointed by "A room with a view"
the book cover was the best about the book for me. 

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