17 July 2016

Where we left off - Megan Squires

starts as a YA romance and then turns in an adult contemporary romance
read as an ebook
what happens when you meet you first love again
the one you lost more than ten years ago?
reading this book was a bit of an mixed experience for me
both main characters were likable and interesting
but they didn't fascinate me completely
their love story was emotional and nice
and it made me feel some things
but not as much as I expected
the story was overall more sweet than sexy
towards the end of the story one dramatic development was too much for my taste
I also struggled a bit with the relationship between the heroine and her late husband
and wondered why she had stayed with him
whenever little things like these annoy me
I know that my emotions are not completely involved in the story
in the end this was an ok book for me
and unfortunately not the emotional and beautiful reading experience 
other readers went through when reading "Where we left off". 

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