06 July 2016

What's a ghoul to do? + Demons are a ghoul's best friend - Victoria Laurie

Ghost Hunter series
books 1 + 2
I read both books some years ago
I liked them, but didn't love them
now I reread the books to decide if they should stay on my shelves or not
after I reread the books I can say that I once again liked them
but some characters annoyed me a bit
compared to the Psychic Eye series by Victoria Laurie
the Ghost Hunter books are imo not as good
especially because of the characters
I'm not interested in going on with the series
so the first two books will leave my shelves 
if you are interested in modern Ghost Busters
then this series could be for you
I will in the future concentrate on the Psychic Eye series
and the young adult books by Victoria Laurie. 


  1. Oh man these book covers remind me so much of a middle grade series I read when I was younger and I cant place it and I'm really annoyed haha .

    1. I hate when something like that happens, especially with books and book covers. Btw, the German book covers for some of the books by Victoria Laurie are even more colourful, I'm not the biggest fan of them.

      Happy Reading!




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