21 July 2016

Unwanted - Jennifer Estep

a short novella
part of the Elemental Assassin series
Urban Fantasy
written from Finn's POV
set shortly after his mother's betrayal
this book surprised me
I wasn't sure if I should read it or not
I expected the story to focus on the relationship between Finn, Gin and his friends
but it's more focused on action
on Finn trying to help someone 
who lost everything because of his mother
I actually enjoyed the direction of this novella a lot
and definitely liked that Finn decided to take action
to actively help someone
his mother wronged
Finn needed to do something to finally feel less guilty
so the plot makes sense
and shouldn't have surprised me
even for a novella this story was a bit too short for my taste
a few pages more would have been nice
still I'm happy that I read "Unwanted".

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