14 July 2016

Unbreak my heart - Nicole Jacquelyn

contemporary romance adult
#1 in the Unbreak my heart series
read as an ebook
this is a book I read because I heard a lot of things about it online
some readers loved it, others hated it
people feel a lot of intense emotions about this book
the plot itself did not appeal to me that much
but I still wanted to give it a try
after finishing the story I can say that I didn't love or hate the book
I disliked several developments in the story
I disliked both main characters
him because he acted like an ass for most of the time
and if you act like an ass towards a pregnant woman and your own children
then you are not the kind of hero I want in a romance
then I'm not rooting for you
I couldn't believe in his change of heart
in the end he did what was most convenient for him
but I did not believe his declaration of love
her because it took her forever to stand up for herself
for the first half of the book she let herself be used in ways I disliked strongly
I wanted her to be stronger, but that didn't happen until later
and then it was too little, too late
so yes, I disliked some important aspects of the book
but at least the writing style made it easy to get into a good reading flow
I can't say that I hated the book
I don't feel that strongly about it
but I also didn't enjoy or like it.

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