02 July 2016

Things we know by heart - Jessi Kirby

young adult
contemporary romance
I listened to the audio book
in the past I enjoyed "Moonglass" by the author
400 days ago Quinn's boyfriend was killed in an accident
his organs were donated
and Quinn makes contact with the recipients
meeting them gives her the strength to go on
but one person doesn't want any contact
it's the person who get the heart
so Quinn starts looking for him
even though she isn't supposed to
and when she finds him
when she meets him
when she develops feelings for him
everything changes
in ways she never expected
overall this was a beautiful and emotional story
with interesting characters
I loved how organ donation was portrayed
as a gift to the living
as something beautiful and important
and yes, of course I have an organ donor card
what didn't work perfectly 
was the romance
it didn't touch me as deeply as I wanted to
I didn't feel as much as expected
and I missed a nice epilogue
that's why in the end I have mixed feelings about the book
if you like YA romances with an emotional plot
then "Things we know by heart" could be something for you. 

The German version of the book is called "Mein Herz wird dich finden"
and its cover is beautiful. 


  1. I do like Jessi Kirby. I might rent this one from the library.

    1. That might be the best way to get the book. And that reminds me that I need to check out if my local library recently got any new books. :)




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