14 July 2016

The air he breathes - Brittany C. Cherry

contemporary romance 
read as an ebook
two people whose lives changed dramatically
both lost their partner
now it's one year later
both try to move on
even though it's so hard
then they meet
and the angels don't sing
but something changes
maybe there are still things worth living and fighting for
the plot of this book sounded emotional and pretty good
I was ready to shed some tears
and I did enjoy the story overall
but did not feel as much as I wanted to
the writing style and characters were both a bit rough around the edges
but I had a good time with most of the book
and then came the drama towards the end of the story
and it was too much for me
I could not believe in what was going on
and because of that struggled with the ending
this was an ok book for me
that had the potential to be more. 

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