16 July 2016

Summerlost - Ally Condie

read as an ebook
middle grade
the main characters are 12 years old
grief, new beginnings, family and friendship play an important role
from time to time I enjoy reading middle grade books
sometimes they are a bit too young for my taste
but of course that should make them perfect for their target group
sometimes they seem ageless and perfect for all age groups
is written in a simple, easy to read and beautiful writing style
it is set over a few weeks in summer
and besides the topics mentioned above there also is a little adventure going on
and even though some of the topics are a bit more serious
the story is overall very light-hearted and hopeful
I have nothing bad to say about the book
but everything was a bit too young for my taste
I'm not the core target group of this book
so I'm not going to complain about my issues with the story
this might be a great book for children 10-12
but it could be a bit too young for young adults and adults. 

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