30 July 2016

Summer and Bird - Katherine Catmull

Summer and Bird
middle grade with elements of fairy tales
a beautiful book
inside and outside
a story about two sisters
who are looking for their parents
who disappeared
this novel reads like a modern fairy tale
elements and beings that are not part of our world
play an important role
I loved how the author described the relationship between the two sisters
there was so much truth in that
the author's writing style is detailed and careful
I enjoyed it
but can also see that other's might struggle with it
the pace is overall slow
this is something that worked for me most of the time
but not always
Summer and Bird
is a good book
one that is different compared to many other books I have read
it wasn't perfect for me
but I'm still happy that I read it
and btw, the German translation "Vogelherz" is a good one
if you are interested in this book or more by Katherine Catmull
then please check an excerpt to see
if her writing style works for you. 

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