03 July 2016

Sense of Deception - Victoria Laurie

Sense of Deception
part of the Psychic Eye series
one of my favourite mystery series with special elements of the last years
this new books was another great addition to the series
there is a thrilling mystery Abby needs to solve
and there's pretty much no time to do so
she will need the help of all of her friends to safe an innocent woman
she isn't sure if she can do it
as always with this series I had a lot of fun when reading the book
for a few hours I was superbly entertained
the case was thrilling and I loved reconnecting with all of the characters
the next book in the series "A grave prediction" also sounds great
so of course I will read it
if you like mystery books that are not too dark
that have some special elements and are a lot of fun
then this series could be perfect for you
the first book is "Abby Cooper: Psychic Eye"
Victoria Laurie also writes a second mystery series with special elements
the Ghost Hunter mystery series
and she writes special Young Adult books
"When", her first YA book,
is one I can highly recommend. 


  1. these covers really put me off even though the premise sounds pretty interesting, maybe one day I can pick them up after this glowing rec

    1. The covers are definitely weird and don't fit that well to the content of the books, The main character usually doesn't walk around like the models on the covers and always wonder why they picked a style like that in the first place.




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