30 July 2016

Roomies - Sara Zarr + Tara Altebrando

contemporary young adult
set in the weeks before college starts
the story follows Elizabeth and Lauren
they will be roommates in college
and try to get to know each other via emails before that
the story deals with aspects of coming of age, romance, family and friendship
I enjoyed this mix
the story includes both Elizabeth and Lauren's POV
I liked that
it was pretty easy to tell who was whom
so the authors did a good job of giving each main character their own voice
overall I enjoyed reading this book
the authors made me feel all of the conflicting emotions many new students feel
joy and doubt
excitement and worry
will college work for you?
will you find new friends?
will you lose your old ones?
will you like your roomie?
like I said
I enjoyed reading this book
but something was missing from the story to make me love it
I wanted to feel even more
plus I didn't enjoy one plot development towards the end
I would still recommend this book to fans of YA (young New Adult maybe)
and especially to those who are about to start college
and don't know how to handle their conflicting emotions. 

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