21 July 2016

Rock Wedding - Nalini Singh

Rock Wedding
#4 in the Rock Kiss series
contemporary romance
read as an ebook
I usually enjoy romances with bands and rock stars
and have enjoyed the other books in this series
Nalini Singh has a powerful writing style
that makes it very easy for me to get into a good reading flow
to have a great time
to feel a lot
but I also have to say that this series
and especially "Rock Wedding"
weren't without flaws
the plot was pretty predictable
I was hoping for something else
something a bit fresher
and when I really think about the characters
how they acted
and some of the developments
then not everything makes sense
plus sometimes the characters were a bit too flat
there was more potential in this book
and the whole series
than was used
still I had a good time reading "Rock Wedding"
and plan to read Singh's new contemporary romance series
about Gabriel's (T-Rex :)) brothers
in the future. 

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