11 July 2016

Pucked under + Area 51 - Helena Hunting

Pucked under + Area 51
both part of the Pucked series
hot and hilarious contemporary sports romance

Pucked under 
this book is right now available on iBooks (where I bought it)
but will also be available on other sites later this year
in the story we revisit Randy and Lily
it is set after "Forever Pucked"
how has their relationship changed over the last months?
are they still insatiable? 
and how will they deal with some family complications?
this story fits perfectly to the rest of the series
it's hilarious
the dialogues are over the top sexy and dirty
I love that, but not everyone might feel the same
I loved learning more about Randy and Lily
it was nice to see how they both and their relationship have grown stronger
and of course I also loved reconnecting with all of the other characters
I'm already excited for the next book in the series
I need the stories of Charlene + Darren and Lance + Tash (?).

Area 51 
is a free ebook (right now)
in it you can find some deleted scenes that never made it into the books
it's short and full of craziness
it's at times over the top hilarious
it's everything I wanted
if you are interested in the Pucked series but are unsure if the humour would work for you
then get this free ebook and read it
if it makes you laugh out loud and constantly smile
then the other books in the series should be perfect for you

after reading these two books
I reread "Pucked over" 
which I struggled with when I read it the first time
but now it worked for me perfectly
I will tell you more about that soon. 

my thoughts on: 
Forever Pucked: click
Pucked Up: click

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