17 July 2016

Next to you: Friends with benefits - Daisy Prescott

contemporary romance
they are just neighbours
at least until he breaks his foot
then things begin to change
but could they really be more than just neighbours in the long run?
I have to confess something
I'm really bad with reading excerpts before buying ebooks
I'm better with print books
but nearly always forget it with ebooks
and that's why from time to time I start reading books
that just don't work for me
within a few pages I know that the author's writing style
and way to create characters is just not for me
and then I start skipping pages
that's what happened with this book
totally my fault
because I once again forgot to read an excerpt
I don't have anything bad to say about the book
but it just wasn't for me
so if you like the sound of the story
then please make sure to read an excerpt. 

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