05 July 2016

Newt's Emerald - Garth Nix

young adult
regency romance with some magic
this is the first book I read by the author
the book design is beautiful
as are the rough-cut pages
a special emerald goes missing
and Lady Truthful Newington, our heroine, decides to get it back
this decision leads her on an adventure
that will change her life
at first I wasn't sure if the writing style would work for me
but after a few pages I got used to it
I had a lot of fun while reading the story
it's charming and mostly light-hearted
with interesting characters
and a nice romance
I think there was some missed potential in how the magical elements were handled
and even though I enjoyed reading the book
the characters didn't leave a lasting impression on me
the plot wasn't that refined
an entertaining and charming book
that was maybe missing some depth
I'm still happy that I read it
because it entertained me well.  


  1. Have you read The Ragwitch by him? It was really spooky for a middle grade :) Might be worth checking out, its a standalone too

    1. I haven't read anything else by him, maybe I will change that in the future.




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