24 July 2016

Moonshot - Alessandra Torre

contemporary romance with some mystery
a few weeks ago I discovered this book on a book blog
the synopsis sounded great and you know me
I like sports romances a lot
so of course I bought the book once it was published
unfortunately the plot turned out to be one I didn't enjoy
I like romances to be pretty straightforward
I don't like too many detours
especially not when other people are involved
that made it hard to enjoy this story
plus after the first scene with the male main character
I had a very hard time to like him
the way he acted at the beginning
was a big no go for me
the mystery was a bit too unrealistic and dramatic
plus it never felt as if it belonged to the rest of the story
so yes, this was another contemporary romance I expected to love
but didn't
I'm ok with it
I'm sure that one of the next romances I'm going to read
will be great for me. 

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