17 July 2016

I'll be yours - Jenny B. Jones

young adult romance
yesterday getting a guy to notice her was Harper's biggest worry
but now everything has changed
someone she trusted messed up
Harper is no longer sure what will happen with her family 
is there even a family left?
and then there is this boy
he isn't the guy she wants
at least in the beginning
but the more she sees of him
the more she wants him
once again I have mixed feelings about this book
I enjoyed reading about the two main characters
and enjoyed their romance
but strongly disliked one plot development because it includes something I hate reading about
(cheating, not done by the main characters, but still a major part of the story)
there were also a few too many dramatic things going on
the ending was a bit abrupt
I would have liked to know how certain things played out
all in all this was an ok book for me. 

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