24 July 2016

Idol - Kristen Callihan

contemporary romance
#1 in the VIP series
with Rock Stars as the male main characters
read as an ebook
I really enjoy the Game on series by Callihan
and love the cover of "Idol"
the synopsis also sounded good 
I like romances with Rock Stars
so of course I bought the book 
unfortunately I struggled with the story from the first page on
the writing style is a bit different compared to Callihan's other novels
a bit rougher
I had a hard time to get into a good reading flow
I also struggled to connect to the characters
I didn't like the hero that much
I liked the heroine, but wasn't that interested in her life
so of course the romance also didn't touch me that deeply
there were some passages that made me smile
that gave me a good time
but there weren't enough of them
I expected this book to be amazing
but unfortunately it was just ok
I'm not interested in the other band members
so I don't plan to go on with the series. 

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