12 July 2016

Heaven is paved with Oreos - Catherine Gilbert Murdock

middle grade, contemporary
#4 in the Dairy Queen series
this book concentrates on other characters than book #1-3
14 year old Sarah Zorn is Curtis Schwenk's girlfriend
in a way
being interested in science and dead animals 
means that Sarah is not part of the popular crowd
but that's ok
together with Curtis she is a great team
she is happy, life is good
but after a trip to Rome
Sarah must face some changes
changes that scare her
"Heaven is paved with Oreos" is
short, easy to read and very enjoyable book
I loved Sarah's voice, she is a special and cute character
she is not afraid to ask for advice and help
this is rare 
there is one passage in this book I will never forget
it reminds me of "Be the nerd!"
D.J. would never be happy just being the girlfriend of someone
who made angel-toenail mosaics; she would want to make angel-toenail mosaics herself. 
She is the kind of girl I want to be.
Sarah, Curtis and the other characters spend most of their time offline
this might not be that realistic, but was a breath of fresh air
I loved meeting D.J. again, through conversations with Sarah we learn more about her
and that was great
btw, compared to the other books in the series
this is middle-grade and not young adult
the book definitely feels a bit younger than book #1-3 in the series
and I appreciate that
I had a great time with this book
I'm happy that I've read it
and can't wait to read more by the author. 

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