03 July 2016

Harmonic Feedback - Tara Kelly

young adult contemporary
Drea has "issues"
at least this is what other people tell her
in a world where always answering honestly isn't the norm
as a girl who doesn't always understand jokes
she is the weird one
music has always been one of her biggest passions
music makes her feel alive 
music doesn't pressure or judge her
music is everything
just after moving to a new town she meets two teens who will change her life
who will break her heart
but will also bring her so much joy
this is an intense and special book
a story that touched me deeply
at times funny and beautiful
but also sad and heart-wrenching
the story isn't always light-hearted
one of the characters has issues with drugs 
and some other things
the ending made me cry
of course once again when I was on the train
but it also made me smile
and it gave me hope
a great book
that makes me excited to read more by the author
I recently ordered "Amplified" 
another contemporary book surrounding music by Tara Kelly
and her new YA thriller "The Foxglove Killings" also sounds great.
and I plan to get it soon.  


  1. This sounds like nothing I've read before. Not 100% sure its for me but I'm glad you loved it and it left a lasting impression on you :)

    1. I adore books that leave lasting impressions on my, they are the best. I recently bought "Amplified" by the author and I'm excited to read it soon.




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