07 July 2016

Book Haul: second chances, not a love triangle and pretty books

Right now I have a nice mix of new books at home. I filmed a video on this haul, in the video I talk a bit about each book, where I bought them, why I'm interested in reading it and I show you how the books look. You can find the video here on my channel.

All of the print books were either ordered through my small, local bookstore or bought in a bigger bookstore in a town near my home. Buying books through local bookstores is important to me and it's something I want to entrust to all readers.

From left to right: A preorder that is the first book in a new romance series, three books from my wish list, two books by authors I want to give a second chance, a book I bought spontaneously because it sounds special and looks amazing plus one beautiful book from my wish list. 

Sweet little lies - Jill Shalvis
Heaven is paved with oreos -  Catherine Gilbert Murdock
A room with a view - E.M. Forster
The year of the rat - Clare Furniss
After you - Jojo Moyes
Vogelherz - Katherine Catmul (original version: Summer and Bird)
Das ganz und gar unbedeutende Leben der Charity Tiddler - Marie-Aude Murail (the original French version is called "Miss Charity", an English version doesn't seem to exist)

I also bought three new ebooks, the first doesn't contain a love triangle even though the title and cover of the book hint at that, the second is the last chance for the author and the third was recently on a lot of romance book blogs and I need to know if it's really that good. 

Undecided - Juliana Keyes
The Problem with forever - Jennifer L. Armentrout
Billionaire Bachelor - Jessica Lemmon

Happy Reading!


  1. Local bookshops are so important. I did little illustration project on some from my uni city :)

    Enjoy your new books!! :D

    1. That sounds like a great project. Maybe we as book bloggers should work more closely with our local bookshops, I know that at least a few German book bloggers started cooperations like this.

      And thanks.

  2. I loved Me Before You but I definitely need some emotional distance before I pick up After You! I hope you enjoy all of your new reads!

    1. Thanks! I can imagine that "Me before you" was an emotional rollercoaster for you, I'm excited to see if the second book will be as emotional.




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