08 July 2016

Blackhearts - Nicole Castroman

historical young adult
the fictional story about how the pirate Blackbeard became who he was
I loved the idea behind the story
was excited to immerse into the history of the time the book is set in
and yes, the cover is also great
I enjoyed the authors writing style
and that there are two point of views
I enjoyed Anne's chapter a lot more than Edward's
I disliked Edward especially at the beginning of the book
he was lacking some depth
and seemed at times to be unnecessarily harsh
wasn't as thrilled by the historical setting as I thought I would be
the romance didn't touch me
and the ending is the kind of open ending I personally just don't like
so all in all this book was unfortunately not perfect for me
but might be interesting for other readers. 


  1. The cover for this is very pretty, though I don't really think the book is for me which is a shame. Im glad there were some things you were able to enjoy.

    1. I was also glad about that, when nothing works for me while reading a book it can be pretty depressing.




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