14 July 2016

Bittersweet - Sarina Bowen

contemporary romance adult 
#1 in the True North series
read as an ebook
book #2, Steadfast, will be out soon
another book that came highly recommended by other book bloggers
a book by an author I'm a fan of
because I love the first three books in her Ivy Years series
however some other books by her like "The shameless hour", "The fifteenth minute" and "Coming in from the cold" weren't perfect for me
a book with a setting (an organic farm) that I was excited about
because I grew up on a farm and organic farming is something I care about deeply
so yes, this book should have been perfect for me
but unfortunately it wasn't 
from the get go I struggled with both main characters
I didn't see his appeal, she got on my nerves a bit
little things bothered me 
I thought too much about how realistic the timeline of some developments were
how they met at college, her studies
I struggled with her family background
and other things
the writing style was good, no complaints here
but both main characters made it so hard to enjoy my time with the story
and that's why little things that normally wouldn't have bothered me
annoyed me, made it hard to get into a good reading flow
after 150 pages I started to skip some passages here and there
and was honestly relieved when I finally reached the last page
I'm not sure if I will be going on with this series
right now I'm leaning towards no
but I plan to read other stories by the Sarina Bowen in the future
because I know that her books have the potential to become favourites of mine. 

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