30 July 2016

Audiobooks I DNF: Truthwitch + Once upon a kiss

When I'm listening to an audio book, I usually try to listen to at least an hour until I decide to not go on with the story. One hour is enough to get a good feeling for the characters and the story, one hour is also more than enough to decide if I like the narrators or not.

The last two audio books I listened to both belong in the DNF category. I was pretty excited for both novels, however they turned out to bore me more than I was willing to take. 

Truthwitch - Susan Dennard

The narrator in this story wasn't perfect for me, but she wasn't the reason why I didn't finish the story. After listening to it for 60 minutes I wasn't excited at all to learn more about the plot, world and characters. The world Dennard created is unique and fresh, still it didn't grab my attention, I also couldn't imagine the world as a real world. Nothing in this story made me excited for more, so it was the right decision to not finish it. 

In the past I read Susan Dennard's previous trilogy, "Something strange and deadly", really enjoyed the first two books and strongly disliked the ending of book three (and the whole book in general). And now the start into her new trilogy didn't work for me, I'm still interested in giving other series or stand-alone novels by her a chance, but will not go on with the Witchland series. 

Once upon a kiss - Robin Palmer

I loved Palmer's book "The corner of bitter and sweet" and was super excited for her new one. I wasn't the biggest fan of the plot before starting with the book, it didn't appeal to me that much. And that turned out to be the biggest issue I had with "Once upon a kiss". I liked the narrator and the characters, but the plot just didn't interest me. So after one hour I decided to not finish this story. I was sad about it, but will get over it.

I will definitely check out the next book by Robin Palmer and hope that it will come with a plot I'm excited about, because then I'm going to read it. 

Happy Reading!

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