26 July 2016

Appealed - Emma Chase

contemporary romance
#3 in the The Legal Briefs series
in the court room they are opponents
but outside they can't deny their attraction
even though it complicates everything
in the past she admired him
until he humiliated her
now she doesn't want anything to do with him
but he wants to see where their attraction leads them
this series is one I have heard amazing things about in the last months
ever since the first book "Overruled" was published
I saw review after review praising the series
now I finally read a book in the series myself
and yes, I overall enjoyed the story
I liked the writing style and the banters
but I struggled a bit with the male main character
and consequently with the romance
so I liked the book but didn't love it
this seems to be the case with a lot of the contemporary romances 
I recently read
right now I have no real interest in the other books of the series
their plots don't appeal to me that much
and lawyers as main characters are often not perfect for me
I have no interest in all of the courtroom stuff
if you like contemporary romances
then I would definitely check out the series
make sure to read some excerpts
and maybe the books will be great for you. 


  1. Hello, Sabrina I've started blogging. I have to admit I don't know what I'm doing or how to do it.I've followed you since the beginning of your YT channel I've always been impressed with your sharp streamline designs. Would you mind giving me pointers? Such as how did u make your trade mark header how do you get images of books on any social media? Well, u get the jest, programming etc. Do u have a Twitter account or after that horrible incident did you shut down all social media other than YT and blog?
    I'm thinking about doing a book channel on YT but same as u faceless. It think people are way to open and free with info.on social media. So I want my channel for me and people I find common ground with. I want faceless YT cause don't want friends family employers to know my channel or accidentally stumble across it. So any tips there as well?
    Greatly appreciate your help.
    Angie Twitter @aferretsnovelta

    1. Hi Angie

      Yay, it's awesome that you started your own book blog. I might not be the most helpful book blogger to answer your questions, because I don't do a lot of the things many other bloggers do. But of course I'm going to try to help you.

      I bought the whole blog design, so I don't have any pointers on how to do your own header and so on. I have been using templates by Chic & Sassy Design for some years now, it's the best for me because I'm not good at designing things myself.

      There should be tutorials on how to design your own header online, maybe they can help.

      When I want to include a cover in the post I look at the author's website or places like goodreads to find them. Then I add them to a picture of my books, this is done by cut and paste, nothing more. Most bloggers just use the image on its own, drag it on your desktop and then add it into your post.

      I don't have a twitter account and don't plan to create one in the future, there is too much drama going on for my taste, so I want to stay away from that site.

      There are some book bloggers that have long series of posts on how to book blog, maybe they have some more helpful tips for you.

      Some helpful links might be:



    2. PS: I learned most about working with blogspot from playing around and trying things out, so you definitely need to invest some time to look at pretty much everything more closely.

  2. Thanks so much Sabrina I've always have been grateful 4 your opinions and advice. Since I have watched and inter acted with you for years now I really come to trust and value your opinions. It seems to me just my view but Twitter must be a game of follow the leader. I started my Twitter a few week a go, I have follows but seems like it's just to they have and follow a lot of people. Who can get the most followers. Yet they don't seem to interact with one another much. As 4 drama I stay out of it I want my drama in books and movies.I just turn 39 so I've seen a lot of drama to last a life time I don't want it in my life.I chose Twitter because I thought since it's short number of characters, it would be a great inaction without having to worry about strange inactions with people because you can't say much in 170 characters. Other than talking to people on YT and blogs Twitter my only source of social media.I would love to talk to people on Twitter but they don't seem to be interested that why I don't understand why I have 117 follower yet 2or3 interactions. I don't care if I have 1 or million followers as long as it's interaction I know you'll agree it's quality not quantity that counts.Sabrina I believe you are quality. You take care thanks again. Angie

    1. To be honest, I have never managed to really get Twitter. I know that many readers love it, but my own experience wasn't that exciting. But of course I hope that you will find some other readers there to talk to.





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