08 July 2016

All the feels - Danika Stone

All the feels
young adult contemporary
fandoms and fan fiction play an important role
when her favourite character in a movie series is killed at the end of the latest part
Liv can't handle it
the movie character means more to her than to normal fans
he is a connection to her dead father
who also was a big fan of the movies
so Liv decides to fight for a return of her beloved character
together with her friend Xander she starts an online movement
that soon mobilizes the whole fandom
will her plan work
and what will that mean to her?
I'm not part of a fandom and I don't read fan fiction
and still the plot sounded great to me
funny but also emotional
intense and a bit hilarious
I enjoyed the first quarter of the book a lot
the first half in general was pretty good
I enjoyed meeting Liv and her friend Xander
I loved how passionate and creative Liv was
but I also had some issues with the story
the interactions between Liv and her mom didn't seem that natural
I also wanted to learn more about what happened with her dad
thought that this would be dealt with in more detail
that Liv would finally get some closure
but this didn't happen
the second half of the book was still entertaining and easy to read
unfortunately my emotions were no longer involved
the romance was nice
but took away from other developments I wanted to see
"All the feels" is a book I overall liked, but didn't love. 


  1. This sounds like the perfect book when you need a fluff book after an emotionally slogging one. I'll definitely add it to my list!

    1. The book might be ideal for a situation like that, something light and not too emotional.

      Happy Reading!




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