05 July 2016

Addicted to you - Beth Kery

#1 in the One night of passion series
erotic romance
I struggled with this book from the first chapter on
because of the way the male main character acted in it
it made me dislike him from the get go
and it was hard to let go of these feelings while reading the rest of the story
what bothered me might not bother other readers
but seeing how he acted under the influence of alcohol was not something I could excuse
reading his thoughts in this situation made me feel uncomfortable
he was not the kind of main character I like to read about in a romance
my reading experience with this series has been a weird one
I enjoyed #3, Exposed to you,  a lot
#2 didn't work for me
and #1 was even worse
there are two more books in the series
I might give "Captured by you", #4,  a try
but I'm not sure about it
I might also read other books by Beth Kery in the future
but will make sure to check out the plot in detail before buying another book
"Addicted to you" was unfortunately not a good book for me. 

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