04 June 2016

Wasted Words - Staci Hart

romantic comedy / contemporary romance
#4 in the Bad Habits series
I was very excited for this book
it has a
great cover and an appealing synopsis
plus it's described as "a romantic comedy inspired by Jane Austen's Emma"
plus I loved the first two books  in the series
plus large parts of the story play in a book shop / bar / cafe called "Wasted Words"
what more could my heart want?
and yay, "Wasted Words" is just as good as it looks and sounds
the humour, the great characters and lovely romances
everything is spot on
it's as much about friendship as it's about love and also books
Cam and Tyler have been best friends for some time
both want more
but are not sure if the other wants the same
Cam also like to match up people, she loves to see nice people find love
but maybe her matches aren't always perfect ...
a heart-warming story with some hilarious scenes
a wonderful ending that left a big smile on my face
one point of criticism
the editing wasn't perfect, in about three sentences words were missing
I hope that there will be more books in this series
there is so much potential for more greatness
yes, I loved the book
if you like contemporary romances
give this series a try.

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