15 June 2016

Under different stars - Amy A. Bartol

#1 in the Kricket series
young adult scifi/fantasy romance
this is going to be a bit of a weird review
because I enjoyed this book
but still don't plan to go on with the series
but let me start with the cover
it's stunning
but didn't give me a good idea about what to expect from the story
all covers in this series are beautiful
our main character is Kricket
an alien living on earth
but now she is brought back home
to a place she doesn't know
from there on a fast-paced and fascinating story develops
overall I enjoyed this book
the first 50 pages or so were the strongest part in my opinion
after finishing the book I looked up the other books in the series
and their plots didn't appeal to me
characters seem to completely change their personality 
in ways I normally don't appreciate
I don't think that I will go on with the series
but I might check out other books by the author. 


  1. Even though you don't want to continue this series its spiked my interest enough to check it out so thank you for sharing

    1. Yay, hope you will like the story. Its plot is definitely something you don't see that often and I enjoyed this aspect of the book.




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