09 June 2016

The square root of summer - Harriet Reuter Hapgood

contemporary young adult
a beautiful cover that fits to the story perfectly
a story of grieve, friendship, love and physics(!!!)
one of the most exceptional books I have read in a long time
I'm not sure I understood everything that happened
and especially how it happened
a fascinating and at times weird book
with interesting characters
that unfortunately couldn't touch me as deeply as I wanted to
the same goes for the romance
throughout the story some German words and phrases are used
correctly! (thank goodness)
for me as a German it was funny to see these words in an English story
I'm not sure how they will work for readers who don't understand them
btw, calling a cat Umlaut is one of the best ideas ever
and yes, you need to be German to understand this
a fascinating book
not without flaws (characters and romance)
I'm glad that I read it. 

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