06 June 2016

The Frog Prince - Jane Porter

when I grabbed the book from my shelves
I was sure that I would enjoy this reread
I thought that the story would be fun and light-hearted
at least that is what I remembered
the cover, which I love,
promises hilarious scenes and special characters
but quickly after I started rereading the book
I wondered why I kept it in the past
the humour I expected wasn't there
too many stereotypical female characters
plus one of the most annoying main characters I met in some time
the first 60 pages were hard to read
our heroine was constantly crying
yes, it sucked that she went through a divorce
but still
her reactions got on my nerves
and unfortunately that didn't change throughout the book
I never learned to like her
beginning to end she annoyed me
so no, this book will not stay on my shelves
if you want to read a good book by Jane Porter
I would recommend "Easy on the Eyes".

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