23 June 2016

The coincidence of coconut cake - Amy E. Reichert

The Coincidence of Coconut Cake
contemporary romance adult
I love the cover of the book
it fits to the story perfectly
and makes me hungry :)
the title is also great
I bought this book after reading the synopsis
and some reviews on the story
it all sounded so good
I did not read an excerpt before buying the book
and yes, this was of course a mistake
in theory this book should have been perfect for me
but from the first page on I struggled with the writing style
I never got into a good reading flow
something bothered me constantly
plus I did not care that much about the romance
and did not like the male main character
however I enjoyed getting to know the city the story is set in
I loved how restaurants and other places were described
but this was not enough to make the story work for me. 

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