12 June 2016

The Anatomy of Jane - Amelia Lefay

erotic romance
#1 in a duology (I think)
I actually thought it would be a stand-alone and wasn't happy to discover it's not
three people in one relationship
two men and one woman
can they make it work?
against all odds
secrets, drama, love
lots of sexy, intense scenes
some funny moments
some serious ones
the kind of ending I don't like 
when you finally think that your characters have a real chance to be happy
and then everything changes within seconds and the happy ending is far away
I never like this
charcaters I enjoyed reading about
but I could never see them as real people
an interesting romance
but not one that captured my heart
I don't think that I will be going on with this series
not a bad book, but something was missing. 

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