15 June 2016

Take me + Tempt me, Taste me, Touch me - Bella Andre

erotic romance
#1 in a duology, each book focuses on different main characters
Bella Andre writes the kind of erotic romances I enjoy
steamy books with a nice balance of romance and sexy times
likable characters and stories that touch me
at first I had a hard time with liking the male main character
but over time I enjoyed reading about him more and more
a hot, easy to read book. 

three shorter erotic romances
not part of the Take me duology
even though the titles might suggest that
three very sexy romances
short, on point and fast-paced
lust and love at first sight
which worked for me in all three stories
ok, you don't get to know all of the characters that well
but that's ok, Bella Andre made it work for me
if you like erotic romances that get hot very quickly
then these three stories might be perfect for you. 

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