19 June 2016

Summer Days and Summer Nights - Nina LaCour, Stephanie Perkins, Brandy Colbert + Jennifer E. Smith

I recently read "Summer Days and Summer Nights", a collections of short YA romances. I enjoyed four of the twelve stories a lot, all of the four stories I enjoyed are pretty classic YA romances without any dystopian or paranormal elements. Three are by authors I already read and enjoyed books by in the past, one is a new to me author. 

Similar to "My true love gave to me" (read my thoughts on the book here) not all stories were perfect for me, I did not care that much about the stories besides the four I will mention in this post. That's why I'm a bit hesitant on recommending the whole book, but keep in mind that short stories often don't work for me, so four out of twelve was actually pretty good for me. 

The four stories I enjoyed the most are

The End of love - Nina LaCour 

This short story was lovely and pretty much perfect. It's a combination of romance, coming of age and dealing with your family breaking up. Nina LaCour has a voice that I love, she creates characters that you can believe in, characters you can imagine as real people. The story deals with family issues, with facing change and being brave. The way these topics are handled is beautiful and powerful.
I highly recommend pretty much everything Nina LaCour has written, especially "Hold Still" and "Everything leads to you"

In ninety minutes, turn North - Stephanie Perkins 

This is a continuation of the story from "It's a Yuletide miracle, Charlie Brown" which was published in "My true love gave to me". I enjoyed the original story a lot and that's why I was at first skeptical about adding more to the story, but Stephanie Perkins made it work for me. I would even say that this second story was better than the first. Stephanie Perkins is brilliant with creating characters that seem real, characters that in this story are full of doubts, but also have great plans for the future. Characters that sometimes need some time to be sure about what they feel. The setting and the romance were beautiful, I can't wait to read a new full length novel by Perkins in the future. 

Good luck and farewell - Brandy Colbert

This is a story about saying goodbye, but also opening your heart to new people, coming of age, taking chances and embracing life. Our main character is having a hard time with some of the changes that happen in her life. She is feeling as if everybody is moving on and she is left behind, but one evening and one young man change everything and make her appreciate that life has a lot to offer and that change can be good.

This is the first story I read by Brandy Colbert and it made me interested in more by her. There seems to be a new book by her in 2017 and I will definitely take a closer look at it. 

A thousand ways this could all go wrong - Jennifer E. Smith

This was another sweet romance, it's about daring to make the first move, about opening up and trying out new things. Some of the revelations in the story weren't that unexpected but that didn't bother me at all. Jennifer E. Smith created a wonderful cast of characters that I wanted to hug constantly. And she decided to write about characters that you don't see that often in YA books, I enjoyed that a lot. 

Happy Reading!

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