12 June 2016

Sugar Daddy, Blue-Eyed Devil & Smooth Talking Stranger - Lisa Kleypas

books #1-3 in the Travis Series
contemporary romance
about four siblings
I recently reread all three books 
and had a fantastic time with them
interesting characters and sweet romances
some drama, but not too much
all of the books have
a great balance of sexy, funny and serious scenes
they deliver exactly what I want from a good contemporary romance

one small spoiler (something that happened in one short scene in book #2)
I had big issues with something that happened towards the end of the second book
the way Hardy, the male main character, helps family members with staying out of prison
even though he knows that this will lead to more serious crimes
is something I can't approve of
loyalty to family members should not stand above making sure that innocent women are safe
end spoiler 

there now is a fourth and final book in the series
I plan to get it soon.

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